Top 100 geriausių visų laikų kriminalinių romanų

Įrašą sudaro 220 knygų, mat čia sujungti trys Top šimtukai. Tai sąrašas, publikuotas Didžiosios Britanijos kriminalinių romanų rašytojų sąjungos, ir išleistas knygos forma 1990 m. Po penkerių metų, analoginė Amerikos asociacija išleido savo detektyvų sąrašą pavadinę jį „Top 100 geriausių visų laikų paslapties romanų“. Žemiau pateiktas sąrašas yra taip pat papildytas „100 kriminalinių novelių kurias privalai perskaityti“ knygomis. Rinkinys knygos forma buvo išleistas Ričardo Stefardo ir Niko Renisono 2006 m. Sąrašas yra suskirstytas abėcėlės tvarka (knygų pavadinimai lietuvių kalba yra paryškinti, mano perskaitytos ir greičiausiai puslapyje aprašytos knygos yra pabrauktos):

1. Adam Hall (The Quiller Memorandum);
2. Agatha Christie (The Witness for the Prosecution);
3. Agatha Christie „Dešimt negriukų“ (And Then There Were None);
4. Agatha Christie „Paskui ateina mirtis“ (Death Comes as the End);
5. Agatha Christie „Paskelbta žmogžudystė“ (A Murder Is Announced);
6. Agatha Christie „Rodžerio Ekroido nužudymas“ (The Murder of Roger Ackroyd);
7. Agatha Christie „Žmogžudystė Rytų eksprese“ (Murder in the Orient Express);
8. Alistair MacLean (The Guns of Navarone);
9. Anthony Berkeley (The Poisoned Chocolates Case);
10. Anthony Price (The Labyrinth Makers);
11. Arthur Conan Doyle „Baskervilių šuo“ (The Hound of the Baskervilles);
12. Arthur Conan Doyle „Užrašai apie Šerloką Holmsą, Rinktiniai raštai I-IV tomai“ (The Complete Sherlock Holmes);
13. Barbara Vine (A Dark Adapted Eye);
14. Barbara Vine (A Fatal Inversion);
15. Bram Stoker „Drakula“ (Dracula);
16. Cameron Mccabe (The Face On The Cutting Room Floor);
17. Caryl Brahms (A Bullet in the Ballet);
18. Carl Hiaasen (Tourist Season);
19. Caroline Graham (The Killings at Badger’s Drift);
20. Charles Dickens (The Mystery of Edwin Drood);
21. Charles Willeford (Miami Blues);
22. Charles Williams „Mirtina tyla“ (Dead Calm);
23. Chester Himes (A Rage In Harlem);
24. Christianna Brand (Green for Danger);
25. Cyril Hare (Tragedy at Law);
26. Cyril Hare (When The Wind Blows);
27. Colin Dexter (The Dead of Jericho);
28. Cornell Woolrich (The Bride Wore Black);
29. Craig Rice (Home Sweet Homicide);
30. Daniel Woodrell (Under The Bright Lights);
31. Daphne du Maurier „Rebeka“ (Rebecca);
32. Dashiell Hammett (Red Harvest);
33. Dashiell Hammett „Džiūsna“ (alt. pav. „Liesas žmogus“, The Thin Man);
34. Dashiell Hammett „Maltos sakalas“ (The Maltese Falcon);
35. Dashiell Hammett „Stiklinis raktas“ (The Glass Key);
36. David Goodis (Dark Passage);
37. Dennis Lehane (Mystic River);
38. Derek Raymond (The Devil’s Home On Leave);
39. Desmond Bagley (Running Blind);
40. Dick Francis (The Danger);
41. Dick Francis (Twice Shy);
42. Dick Francis (Dead Cert);
43. Donald E. Westlake (Bank Shot);
44. Donald E. Westlake (God Save the Mark);
45. Donald E. Westlake (The Hot Rock);
46. Donna Leon „Mirtis svetimame krašte“ (Death In A Strange Country);
47. Dorothy L. Sayers (Clouds of Witness);
48. Dorothy L. Sayers (Gaudy Night);
49. Dorothy L. Sayers (Murder Must Advertise);
50. Dorothy L. Sayers (Strong Poison);
51. Dorothy L. Sayers (The Nine Tailors);
52. Ed McBain (Sadie When She Died);
53. Ed McBain „Žmogus, kuris nekentė policininkų“ (Cop Hater);
54. Edgar Allan Poe „Raudonosios mirties kaukė“ (Tales of Mystery and Imagination);
55. Edgar Wallace (The Four Just Men);
56. Edmund Clerihew Bentley (Trent’s Last Case);
57. Edmund Crispin (The Moving Toyshop);
58. Elizabeth Peters (Crocodile on the Sandbank);
59. Ellis Peters (The Leper of St Giles);
60. Ellis Peters „Liguistas potraukis prie kaulų (Kedfaelio kronikos)“ (A Morbid Taste for Bones);
61. Ellis Peters „Vienu lavonu per daug“ (One Corpse Too Many);
62. Elmore Leonard (La Brava);
63. Elmore Leonard „Stikas“ (Stick);
64. Eric Ambler (The Mask of Demetrios);
65. Erle Stanley Gardner „Išsigandusios mašininkės byla“ (The Case Of The Terrified Typist);
66. Erskine Childers (The Riddle of the Sands);
67. Fergus Hume (The Mystery Of A Hansom Cab);
68. Fyodor Dostoevsky „Nusikaltimas ir bausmė“ (Crime and Punishment);
69. Francis Iles (Malice Aforethought);
70. Frederick Forsyth „Šakalo diena“ (The Day of the Jackal);
71. Fredric Brown (The Fabulous Clipjoint);
72. Gaston Leroux „Geltonojo kambario paslaptis“ (The Mystery Of The Yellow Room);
73. Gavin Lyall (Shooting Script);
74. Geoffrey Household (Rogue Male);
75. George Pelecanos (A Firing Offence);
76. George V. Higgins (The Friends of Eddie Coyle);
77. Georges Simenon „Megrė spendžia spąstus“ (Maigret Sets A Trap);
78. Gerald M. Ford (Who In Hell Is Wanda Fuca?);
79. Gilbert Keith Chesterton „Tėvas braunas (Tėvo Brauno naivumas)“ (The Innocence of Father Brown);
80. Gladys Mitchell (Come Away, Death);
81. Graham Greene (Brighton Rock);
82. Graham Greene (Our Man in Havana);
83. Graham Greene (The Third Man);
84. Gregory Mcdonald „Flečas“ (Fletch);
85. H. R. F. Keating (The Murder of the Maharajah);
86. Harlan Coben „Niekam nesakyk“ (Tell No One);
87. Harper Lee „Nežudyk strazdo giesmininko“ (To Kill a Mockingbird);
88. Henning Mankell „Klystkeliais“ (Sidetracked);
89. Hillary Waugh (Last Seen Wearing);
90. Ian Fleming „Su meile iš Rusijos“ (From Russia, with Love);
91. Ian Rankin (Black And Blue);
92. Ira Levin (A Kiss Before Dying);
93. Ira Levin „Rozmari kūdikis“ (Rosemary’s Baby);
94. J. J. Marric (Gideon’s Day);
95. Jack Finney „Tarp dviejų epochų“ (Time and Again);
96. Jack Higgins „Erelis nusileido“ (The Eagle Has Landed);
97. James Crumley (The Last Good Kiss);
98. James Ellroy „Juodoji orchidėja“ (The Black Dahlia);
99. James Hadley Chase „Jokių orchidėjų mis Blendiš“ (No Orchids For Miss Blandish);
100. James Lee Burke (The Neon Rain);
101. James M. Cain (Double Indemnity);
102. James M. Cain „Laiškanešys skambina du kartus“ (The Postman Always Rings Twice);
103. James McClure (The Steam Pig);
104. James W. Hall (Under Cover Of Daylight);
105. Jim Thompson (The Killer Inside Me);
106. Joe Gores (Gone, No Forwarding);
107. Joe R. Lansdale (The Bottoms);
108. John Buchan (Greenmantle – The First Dialogue);
109. John Buchan (The ThirtyNine Steps);
110. John C. Mortimer (Rumpole of the Bailey);
111. John D. MacDonald (The Dreadful Lemon Sky);
112. John D. Macdonald (The Deep Blue Goodbye);
113. John Dickson Carr (The Devil in Velvet);
114. John Dickson Carr (The Hollow Man);
115. John Dickson Carr (The Three Coffins);
116. John Fowles „Kolekcionierius“ (The Collector);
117. John Franklin Bardin (The Deadly Percheron);
118. John Grisham „Firma“ (The Firm);
119. John Grisham „Metas žudyti“ (A Time to Kill);
120. John le Carre (Smiley’s People);
121. John le Carre (The Little Drummer Girl);
122. John Le Carre „Bastūnas, Siuvėjas, Kareivis, Šnipas“ (Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy);
123. John Le Carre „Šnipas, kuris sugrįžo iš šalčio“ (The Spy Who Came in From the Cold);
124. Joseph Conrad (The Secret Agent);
125. Joseph Hansen (Fadeout);
126. Joseph Wambaugh (The Choirboys);
127. Josephine Tey (Brat Farrar);
128. Josephine Tey (The Daughter of Time);
129. Josephine Tey (The Franchise Affair);
130. Julian Symons (The Colour of Murder);
131. Julian Symons (A Three Pipe Problem);
132. K. C. Constantine (The Man Who Liked To Look At Himself);
133. Ken Follett (The Eye of the Needle);
134. Ken Follett „Raktas į Rebeką“ (The Key to Rebecca);
135. Lawrence Block (When The Sacred Ginmill Closes);
136. Lawrence Sanders (The First Deadly Sin);
137. Len Deighton (Game, Set & Match);
138. Len Deighton (The IPCRESS File);
139. Lionel Davidson (The Rose of Tibet);
140. Lionel Davidson (The Sun Chemist);
141. Loren D. Estleman (Downriver);
142. Maj Sjowall (The Laughing Policeman);
143. Manuel Vazquez Montalban (Murder In The Central Committee);
144. Margaret Millar (The Beast in View);
145. Margery Allingham (The Tiger in the Smoke);
146. Mario Puzo „Krikštatėvis“ (The Godfather);
147. Mary Higgins Clark (Where Are the Children?);
148. Mary Roberts Rinehart (The Circular Staircase);
149. Mary Stewart (My Brother Michael);
150. Mary Stewart (Nine Coaches Waiting);
151. Martin Cruz Smith (Gorky Park);
152. Michael Connelly (The Black Echo);
153. Michael Dibdin (Dead Lagoon);
154. Michael Gilbert (Smallbone Deceased);
155. Michael Innes (Hamlet Revenge!);
156. Michael Innes (The Journeying Boy);
157. Michael Malone (Uncivil Seasons);
158. Mickey Spillane (Kiss Me, Deadly);
159. Mickey Spillane „Teismas – tai aš“ (I, the Jury);
160. Minette Walters (The Ice House);
161. Ngaio Marsh (Off With His Head);
162. Nicholas Blake (The Beast Must Die);
163. Nicholas Meyer (The Seven Percent Solution);
164. P. D. James (A Taste for Death);
165. P. D. James (Devices and Desires);
166. P. D. James (Shroud for a Nightingale);
167. P. D. James „Nekaltas kraujas“ (Innocent Blood);
168. Patricia Cornwell „Post mortem“ (Postmortem);
169. Patricia Highsmith (Strangers on a Train);
170. Patricia Highsmith „Talentingasis misteris Riplis“ (The Talented Mr Ripley);
171. Paul Cain (Fast One);
172. Paula Gosling (A Running Duck);
173. Peter Lovesey (Bertie and the Tin Man);
174. Peter Lovesey (The False Inspector Dew);
175. Peter Lovesey (Wobble to Death);
176. Peter Robinson (In A Dry Season);
177. Raymond Chandler „Didysis miegas“ (The Big Sleep);
178. Raymond Chandler „Ilgas atsisveikinimas“ (The Long Goodbye);
179. Raymond Chandler „Ledi ežero dugne“ (The Lady in the Lake);
180. Raymond Chandler „Sudie, mano gražute“ (Farewell, My Lovely);
181. Reginald Hill (Dead Heads);
182. Reginald Hill (Underworld);
183. Reginald Hill (Dialogues Of The Dead);
184. Rex Stout „Skambutis prie durų“ (The Doorbell Rang);
185. Rex Stout (The League Of Frightened Men);
186. Richard Condon (Prizzi’s Honor);
187. Richard Condon (The Manchurian Candidate);
188. Richard Stark (The Hunter);
189. Robert B. Parker (God Save The Child);
190. Robert Crais (The Monkey’s Raincoat);
191. Robert Ferrigno (Flinch);
192. Robert Traver (Anatomy of a Murder);
193. Ross Macdonald (The Chill);
194. Ross Macdonald (The Moving Target);
195. Ross Thomas (Chinaman’s Chance);
196. Ross Thomas (The Fools In Town Are On Our Side);
197. Ruth Rendell (A Demon in My View);
198. Ruth Rendell (A Judgement in Stone);
199. Ruth Rendell (An Unkindness Of Ravens);
200. Sara Paretsky (Indemnity Only);
201. Sarah L. Caudwell (The Shortest Way to Hades);
202. Scott Turow „Laikyti nekaltu“ (Presumed Innocent).
203. Simon Brett (What Bloody Man Is That?);
204. Steven Saylor (Roman Blood);
205. Stuart M. Kaminsky (Murder On The Yellow Brick Road);
206. Sue Grafton „Alibi“ („A“ is for Alibi);
207. Susan Moody (Penny Black);
208. Thomas Harris „Avinėlių tylėjimas“ (The Silence of the Lambs);
209. Thomas Harris „Raudonasis drakonas“ (Red Dragon);
210. Tom Clancy „Raudonojo spalio medžioklė“ (The Hunt for Red October);
211. Tony Hillerman (Dance Hall of the Dead);
212. Tony Hillerman „Laiko vagis“ (The Thief of Time);
213. Truman Capote „Šaltu krauju“ (In Cold Blood);
214. Umberto Eco „Rožės vardas“ (The Name of the Rose);
215. Vera Caspary (Laura);
216. W. R. Burnett (Little Caesar);
217. W. Somerset Maugham (Ashenden, the British Agent);
218. Walter Mosley (Devil in a Blue Dress);
219. Wilkie Collins „Mėnulio akmuo“ (The Moonstone);
220. Wilkie Collins „Moteris baltais drabužiais“ (The Woman in White).

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